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Wilk Paving Inc. Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

Wilk Paving Inc. Residential Asphalt Paving Project

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Route 4 Hurricane Irene Road Construction in Bridegewater, Vermont

Wilk Paving Inc. Asphalt Paving Project at Killington Resort

Route 4 Hurricane Irene Road Repairs in Mendon, Vermont

Route 4 Hurricane Irene Road Repairs in Killington, Vermont

Wilk Paving Inc. Municipal Asphalt Paving Project

Wilk Paving Inc. West Haven Municipal Asphalt Paving Project


Killington Resort

2011 Summer
WILK Paving provided f.o.b. materials, emulsion tack coat 2.25 ton vibratory roller and technical assistance to Killington Road Maintenance Department for patching over 1 mile of the Access Road. 

2011 Fall
Prepared and completed Hurricane Irene repairs under adverse late season conditions on Bear Mountain Road.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Completed a total reconstruction a 28,000 square foot parking lot area to the owner’s specifications.  We met the challenges of encountering poor sub grade conditions, coordinating the customer’s product deliveries at the warehouse, and completing the project in a timely fashion.

City of Rutland

The contract consisted of reclaiming, cold planing and resurfacing various streets throughout the City. This paving project involved coordinating with the DPW on many issues including: design changes, scheduling, structure adjustments and drainage concerns.  Traffic and safety control were also a high priority while working with the traveling public on busy City streets.  This was done on schedule and with a quality finished project.

Castleton State College

We work closely and frequently with Castleton State College.  Last summer's project involved repaving the parking lot at Spartan Arena and creating an overflow parking area constructed of gravel material.  This work was coordinated around the various programs and activities at the facility.

VAOT- Maintenance District 1

We resurfaced a 3 mile section of Route 9 in Woodford, VT.  This was challenging due to the steepness of the grade. Traffic calming efforts were critical due to the high speed traffic in the downhill lane.  Advance warning signs, approx. 300 traffic cones, Wilk personnel, the Bennington County Sheriffs Dept. and Hunter North Traffic Control Division were all an integral part making this road resurfacing project successful.  

Town of Cavendish

Spring 2011
Wilk installed a temporary shim/leveling course on a heavily rutted section of 20 Mile Stream Road.  As part of the same project we removed the asphalt, re-graded and repaved the Cavendish Fire House.  We successfully corrected some drainage issues near the overhead doors. 

Fall 2011 
Wilk remobilized at the request of the Town Manager to repave flood damaged areas in various locations around town.  Most notably, we worked in coordination with M&M Excavating in replacing the bridge approaches and a section of Winery Road.

Town of Pittsford

This paving project consisted of resurfacing approximately 1 ½ miles of Furnace Road.  The real challenge was repairing the two bridge decks on this section of roadway.  The bridges had to be closed individually while traffic was detoured, the pavement was removal and concrete repairs were subcontracted to The Belden Company. A sheet membrane was installed by Nicom Coatings. The approaches were cold planed to blend the transitions with the existing pavement.  A leveling/binder course of hot mix was installed over each bridge individually.  The top course of hot mix was installed with the road resurfacing phase.  This provided a smooth, seamless transition over both bridges.

VAOT- Maintenance District 3

This paving project was challenging because of careful scheduling requirements.  The bridge was the Westbound lane on Route 4 in West Rutland, VT.  The District 3 crews repaired the bridge in two phases one lane at a time and barriers were installed.  They contracted the membrane installation with another subcontractor. We had to pave over the membrane on both phases within 24 hours per the project specifications.