Core Values

Why Choose Us?

Wilk Paving, Inc. is Vermont’s #1 choice for professional paving and
hot mix asphalt production.  We have been the leading installer of quality
asphalt paving in South Central Vermont since 1984. Our hot mix asphalt
plant is strategically located in Rutland City allowing us to minimize hauling costs and provide the best service possible to our neighboring towns, cities, paving contractors, as well as the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  Wilk Paving cares about the environment. Our asphalt production facility is the leading recycler of asphalt in our area—with virgin and recycled asphalt production capabilities in excess of 1200 tons per day.

Wilk Asphalt Paving Crews

Trust your next paving project to Vermont’s paving experts! Our proactive business philosophy has kept us in business for over 30 years. Wilk’s team of trained, experienced paving professionals understand specifications, can make decisions on-site, and always comes prepared to run a safe jobsite while understanding your paving contract, goals and objectives.

Wilk Paving keeps its commitment to you by maintaining schedules, project communication and attending meetings. We excel at helping customers anticipate problems and get the job done properly. We take pride in suggesting better ways to accomplish tasks and provide value-engineering ideas in order to save you money.  We back it up with the qualified, trained field personnel you need to complete your paving project on time and within the project budget.

We’re There for You from Start to Finish

Wilk Paving prides itself on being proactive and on top of every contract. Count on Wilk to get bids in on time and take responsibility for monitoring all of our paving projects. We visit jobsites early and make sure we stay in touch with customers on a regular basis.  Wilk’s trained professional paving crews can work independently or work in conjunction with other contractors to maintain project schedules.

Our Paving Equipment Division

Wilk Paving Crews are supported by a large fleet of internally owned haul units, pavers, rollers, graders, loaders and a complete line of industrial equipment. Our equipment division maintains all our heavy equipment to guarantee that we consistently meet strict paving specifications and project deadlines.

Our Paving and Asphalt Customers Are Our Number 1 Priority

We want to work with you to maintain the production schedule-- we understand the ramifications of not finishing paving projects on time!  We want to meet your objectives and project goals. Most importantly, we want to make sure you end up with a high quality job.

These are just some of the reason why you should choose Wilk Paving and why the Wilk family has been doing business in South/Central Vermont since the 1950’s!