Everyone in the Asphalt Paving industry wants a safe
working environment. Together with our employees, Wilk is
committed to maintaining a safe and healthful work environment.  
We believe all accidents are preventable. Our goal is zero accidents.

We strive to achieve our safety goals by taking every precaution possible. Safety practices are the number one priority on our job sites. WILK Paving reinforces this commitment through safety talks, accident prevention programs and compliance programs.

The WILK Paving Safety Policy meets or exceeds all Federal State and local requirements. Mandatory safety meetings and reports are part of our everyday operation.

All WILK Paving employees are expected to read and understand our Safety policies and, more importantly, implement these policies in the field.

At WILK Paving, safety is not just a policy,
it is a way of life.

Our comprehensive safety policy covers:

  • Traffic control - both public and equipment
  • Ground crew safety
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Equipment safety
  • Night work illumination
  • And Emergencies