Buying Local

Wilk is proud to be woven into the fabric of our local Rutland
business base. We believe in buying local because it creates
opportunities for our surrounding towns and neighborhoods to thrive
and grow.  

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We reach out to local independent businesses for a wide array of supporting services. From accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, to construction contractors—supporting local Rutland business owners helps us all.

Long-term Health of our Vermont Communities

Local business owners often have their life savings invested in their businesses. As a result, they have a natural, deep-seated interest in the long-term health of our surrounding communities. Further, local Vermont businesses play a vital role in our communities that corporate chains rarely do. Wilk is proud to partner and serve on local boards with other community-based organizations giving us an opportunity to work with others to support a variety of important non-profit organizations and local charitable endeavors.  

Support our local Vermont businesses

We encourage you to support our local Rutland businesses. Buying local helps prevent the disappearance of local businesses, and the palpable economic void they leave behind when they go.

Take a stand with Wilk for the beliefs and values we want reflected in our hometowns and buy local. Together we can all help ensure the sustainability of our beautiful Vermont communities over the long term.

These are just some of the reason why you should choose Wilk Paving and why the Wilk family has been doing business in South/Central Vermont since the 1950’s!