Asphalt Recycling

Milled and Chunk Aspahlt Accepted at No-charge

Wilk Paving, Inc. accepts milled and chunked asphalt at our Center
Rutland Asphalt manufacturing plant at no charge. We process it and
put portion of it back into driveways, parking lots, or our local roads. When
asphalt pavement is reused in a new asphalt mix, the old asphalt cement is rejuvenated and it becomes an active part of the glue that holds the new pavement together.

Asphalt millings are generated when asphalt pavements are removed for reconstruction, resurfacing, and sometimes when access to buried utilities is required. Using a milling machine, the pavement surface is removed and crushed.

We then take the reclaimed asphalt material and mix it with virgin aggregate and binder products, so it can be applied to any paved surface! Reclaimed asphalt is both environmentally friendly and economical. It allows us to pass savings onto our customers by requiring less money to be spent on new liquid asphalt and virgin aggregate. Recycling asphalt keeps construction waste out of landfills, cuts down on pollution created during the production of new asphalt, reduces the amount of new aggregate needed, and reduces the cost of transporting materials. Read more about asphalt recycling here.