Asphalt Paving

Asphalt covers roads, parking lots, driveways, tennis courts,
playgrounds, walking trails and just about any paved surface can
think of that we walk or drive on. Wilk Paving has paved it all and is
committed to exceeding expectations on  your asphalt paving project.

Wilk Paving's large and highly efficient paving crews can break up into smaller crews for smaller asphalt paving projects, or deploy the entire fleet to tackle large-multi-faceted paving projects. Our extensive paving equipment fleet includes rollers, curb machines, distributors, graders candle handle any size project.

Wilk Paving, Inc. can handle jobs of any size, including paving, grading, gravel, drainage systems, sealing and striping, and parking lot design.

Gravel & Grading

Proper, careful grading and a good gravel base beneath paved asphalt is essential to building long-lasting roads, tennis courts, or parking lost. From soil stabilization to gravel, the professionals at Wilk know how to lay the right foundation for your asphalt paving project and ensure your driveway, road or parking lot will last for years.

For roads, parking lots, tennis courts, driveways, or any other type of paving work - residential, commercial, or industrial - contact the asphalt specialists at Wilk Paving.

Consider Porous Asphalt for Your Next Project

Environmental benefits of porous asphalt pavement are based on the ability of this kind of asphalt treatment to allow water to filter through the voids between the gravel in the mixture, return to the ground, and assist in naturally refilling groundwater reservoirs.

Although Wilk does not recommend porous asphalt for high traffic areas, there are many private and low traffic areas that can benefit from porous asphalt including walkways, driveways, patios, or minimally used roads and parking lots.

Porous asphalt has structural benefits. Under certain conditions porous pavement can last over 30 years. And due to the large aggregates that are used in a porous mixture, the resulting porous pavement has a textured appearance, provides friction, and can help minimize hazards caused by slippery surfaces.

Porous pavements can be economical too. Under certain circumstances the installation of, costly water recharge methods that often include pipes, retaining ponds, and other materials to guide or redirect water flow can be avoided.

Contact a Wilk Asphalt Paving Specialist to discuss your next project today!