Asphalt Manufacturing

Hot mix asphalt is an engineered mixture of stones, sand,
aggregates and liquid asphalt.  Wilk Paving specialists will work
with you to determine the best hot-mix asphalt option based upon your
needs and uses of blacktop. To ensure your asphalt paving project is of enduring integrity, Wilk will carefully engineer and produce only the highest quality hot-mix asphalt batch to meet your specific paving needs.

Once the base of your asphalt project has been properly prepared, Wilk Paving hot mixed asphalt will be delivered by truck to your location and distributed into a paver. 

Paver operators then distribute your custom hot asphalt mix over a prepared base, where it is rolled and compacted to the specified thickness of your project.  Once your asphalt mix hardens, it provides you with a smooth, hard enduring surface.

Our state-of-the-art hot-mix asphalt production facility is located on Ripley Road in Rutland City is open from May through November and is ready to serve you! Please contact Todd Wildi at 802-773-1072 or 802-353-3345, or via email at today.