Our Manufacturing Plant

Wilk Paving Inc. Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Plant Rutland, VermontWILK Paving, Inc. produces
Hot Mix Asphalt our our plant
located in Center, Rutland, VT.

Our goal is to produce Hot Mix Asphalt
that meets the specific requirements of our customers' paving projects and provides uniquely designed performance characteristics the particular jobsite mix requires including pavement durability, stability, rut resistance, skid resistance, and so on. We take pride in providing Wilk Hot Mix Asphalt that iscarefully engineered through the proper proportion, blend, and heat ing of aggregates and liquid asphalt cement.

About Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt is comprised of two basic ingredietns. The first is aggregate which constitutes about 95% of Asphalt. Aggregates in Asphalt include crushed stone, gravel, and sand—renewable paving materials which are almost always available from our local Vermont community.  The remaining 5% in Asphalt is Asphalt Cement—a black liquid that acts as the glue that holds asphalt pavement together. Asphalt Cement is a petroleum product obtained from the same refineries that produce gasoline for your car and heating oil for your house. To create Asphalt, paving aggregates are dried and heated, then mixed and coated with Asphalt Cement. Hot Mix Asphalt is then trucked to the paving site and applied at over 250 degrees.

Contact us for a free Asphalt Paving QuoteWILK PAVING, Inc. is committed to being Central Vermont's leading developer and supplier of hot mix Asphalt products designed to optimize quality, performance, durability, and sustainability.